The COREVOCS mission is to promote the Shared Value
approach to business for sustainable social enterprise.
Our objective is to provide software solutions that streamline
networking, discovery, policy refinement, and project collaboration
across public and private groups and individuals.

Join COREVOCS and Drive the Winds of Change!

Together, we can harness the huge potential for community development and magnify each other’s successes. 
Check out the number of ways you can maximize your share of change in the civil sector.
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Collaborate for Change

Translate business objectives into win-win solutions. Partner with change agents whose vision, areas of concern, and standards for social success match your vision for your company or enterprise.

Take Charge for Success

Do you lead social responsibility initiatives for your company or your community? List your initiatives with us so that we can help you become the agent of change that you've envisioned.

Streamline the Process

How do your company or community policies effect positive social change? Tell us what works, and how the various sectors can cooperate for success. Join our community of policy-makers and thought leaders.

Invest in Social Progress

Which advocacies and programs align with your vision for leaving a life-changing legacy? Invest in a project to support your advocacy.

Volunteer with COREVOCS

The key to success in any mission is partnering with the best people. What makes you a valuable team player in any mission? Tell us about your talents, skills, sympathies and enthusiasms.

Promote a Worthy Cause

Do you have a genius social media strategy or idea to promote a cause? Are you great at spreading the word through other means? Share your ideas with a group, and move the world.